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Getting the most out of Singapore Fintech Festival.

Betsy Samuel, our CMO, shares her top list of must haves to make the most of the event.

Betsy Samuel

November 14, 2023

With Singapore Fintech Festival happening this week, I’m sure many of you are already on the ground and planning your agenda. As well as scheduling meetings and choosing which sessions to attend, it’s worth considering a few key tactics for making it through nearly a week of intense payments excitement. Particularly for SFF newbies or those visiting Singapore for their first conference, here’s my top list of must haves to make it through the event in one piece! 

  1. Comfortable shoes 
    Long gone are the conferences of yore when elegant footwear was a must have – for Singapore Fintech Fest make sure to bring shoes worthy of a marathon and prepare to smash your daily step count. Getting in the front door of the Singapore Expo is only the first, very small step in your conference trek.
  2. Drink more water 
    It might be November but Singapore is still hot and humid. You’ll be walking miles and talking more than ever. Even if you don’t feel thirsty, keep drinking. Your future hydrated self will thank you.
  3. Schedule wisely 
    You WILL get pulled in a hundred different directions and the ‘let’s catch up’ comments will not pan out. Schedule your key meetings and must-see sessions or they won’t happen. Leave ample time for getting from point A to point B – ‘next door’ has a completely different meaning in a venue of this size. FYI, you can find Thredd at stand 2C29 in Hall 2, come and say Hi!

  4. Talk to someone you DON’T know 
    I have met the most interesting people by just sharing a few words with whomever I sat next to in a session. Avoid the temptation just to talk to industry friends and known companies.  Challenge yourself to talk to one new company and one new person each day – it’s the only way to expand your horizons.
  5. Promise to share your notes each day 
    By committing to share your observations with those who couldn’t attend, you will be more conscientious. It will force you to make the most of your day, and posting to LinkedIn will earn you some extra exposure. Bonus!
  6. Go outside 
    If you aren’t careful, you may not see the actual sun and sky all week – and Changi Airport, as beautiful as it is, doesn’t count! Why not plan a getaway meeting in one of Singapore’s iconic green spaces? 

I hope these help, and say hello if you see me. I’ll be the one trying to follow my own advice! 

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