Card characteristics, in your hands.

With our advanced card configuration system, you can choose from a whole range of card options to best fit the needs of your programme and your cardholders, including:

  • Collaborative authorisation
  • Real-time funding
  • Card freeze/unfreeze
  • Single-use cards
  • Card blocks

Endless options for a personalised cardholder experience.


Choose physical or virtual card types with fully customisable designs.


Apply controls including usage groups, velocity groups, auth calendar groups, MCC groups and more.


Add security features such as EMV, Chip & Pin, AVS and CVV2.

The benefits of our adaptable solution.

  • The benefits of working with us include:

    • Ability to tailor card products to meet
      business needs
    • Ability to control card usage and define fees
    • Reduction in fraud risk with controlled
      card usage
    • Ability to change settings easily via web services API
  • By working with Thredd, the benefits to your customers include:

    • Safe card usage
    • Ability to choose preferred features
    • Able to instantly access new features
      on existing cards
    • Ability to block/unblock cards as needed

Want to know more?

You can find more details about how our flexible card configurations could work for you in our downloadable factsheet.

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