The future of digital banking.

Welcome to the future of digital banking. Whether you're a fintech or a financial institution looking to integrate issuer processing into your proposition, we're here to help you disrupt the market and redefine customer experiences.

We bring together cutting-edge technology with bespoke solutions, and a deep understanding of the digital banking landscape, to help you create something truly extraordinary. Our team of experts work with you to plan, develop and launch a digital banking offering quickly and seamlessly, no matter where you are in your payments journey. 

Let's transform the future of finance, together.  

Working with Thredd.

We offer tailored, scalable solutions and expert guidance, every step of the way. Some of the benefits of working with us to develop your digital banking offering include:

  • Accelerated speed-to-market 
  • API services to support rapid integration and a wide set of cardholder services 
  • Flexible configuration options tailored to your needs 
  • Integrated value-added services to meet risk and compliance requirements 
  • Wide range of partnership for key services
  • Customer spend control features  
  • Digital Wallet support including Apple, Google and Samsung Pay 
  • Future flexibility to support you as your program grows

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Who we work with.

  • We work with payments providers at every stage of the digital banking journey, including early-stage fintechs. Our services are designed to be configured to meet your unique needs, so we understand that you may be:

    • Looking for speed to revenue and a minimum viable product

    • Conscious of both up-front and ongoing costs, particularly whilst you are testing your new proposition

    • Focused on building a best-in-class user experience for your particular customer segment, you are looking to partners to take care of the ‘behind-the-scenes’ technology

    • Looking for a credible partner with a solution you can rely on


  • We've helped some of the biggest fintech unicorns launch and grow their propositions, so we know that as a late-stage fintech you might:

    • Already have a loyal customer base and are looking for opportunities to extract further share of wallet

    • Have outgrown the capability of your existing processing partner

    • Be considering launching into new markets

    • Be considering the build/buy/partner conundrum whilst you continue to future-proof your business

  • We understand that as a financial institutions you may be exploring how modern solutions could be implemented to improve the experience of your customers, because:

    • Your customers expect a truly digital-first experience
    • You have legacy processes and infrastructure to consider
    • You are highly conscious of your compliance and regulatory obligations in order to protect your customers and your business

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