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We’re Thredd, the ultimate payments partner. Formerly Global Processing Services, we’ve been helping ambitious businesses reimagine the payments landscape since 2007.

From next-generation card processing to our extensive API libraries, we offer customised solutions to help businesses successfully scale their payments programmes, fast. 

We’re on a mission to transform the world through smart payments. And to do that, we need smart people who are as passionate about this mission as we are. If you’re looking for a dynamic, purpose-driven career where you can make a difference, you’ve come to the right place.  

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Our values and principles

  • We collaborate with purpose each and every day.

    We can win when we collaborate as a team – creating a workplace culture that is focused on teamwork, open communication, and mutual respect. Our strength is in working together: building trusted relationships; supporting each other in our shared goals; and bringing the right people into conversations.

    We strive to foster an environment where collaboration is strategic and purposeful, and everyone feels empowered to contribute their unique skills and expertise. We believe that selecting the right collaborators means understanding everyone’s skills and expertise, and considering how they can contribute to the project or initiative. It's about finding the right fit for each collaboration and identifying how each person or team can bring value to the table.

    Collaboration with purpose is key – be clear on the outcome you’re expecting from working together.

  • We think differently to inspire innovation.

    If we keep doing the same things, we’ll keep getting the same result – diversity of thought enables creativity and accelerates business performance: encouraging people to innovate, sharing different perspectives, and exploring new approaches.

    We strive to foster an environment where ideas are valued and everyone feels empowered to share their perspectives and insights. We believe that the best way to solve problems and achieve success is by thinking outside the box and approaching challenges with fresh ideas and new perspectives.

    By thinking differently, we can uncover new opportunities and create unique solutions that set us apart from our competitors. We believe that innovation is key to staying ahead in today's fast-paced and ever-changing business landscape.

  • We support each other to act courageously.

    Innovation often takes courage; being bold and taking calculated risks is critical to staying ahead of our competitors. To "act courageously" means to have the courage to take bold action in the face of uncertainty or adversity. It's about taking the initiative to pursue new ideas and opportunities, even when there's a risk involved. We believe that by taking risks, we can learn from our mistakes, grow and adapt to new challenges, and ultimately achieve greater success.

    Courage is different for each of us. For some people it’ll be taking responsibility; for others it’s letting others take responsibility. It may be speaking up, or allowing others to speak. In all cases, it’s being comfortable with feeling uncomfortable.

    We're all about taking risks and making things happen! It’s about having the guts to pursue bold ideas and take calculated risks, even when it's scary. We believe that by embracing innovation and not being afraid to make mistakes, we can learn and grow, and ultimately achieve success. So let's take that leap of faith, step out of our comfort zones, and make a difference!

  • We own and implement the outcome for our colleagues, clients and investors.

    We believe that everyone should take ownership of their work and strive to deliver outstanding results.

    To "own it" means to take responsibility for your work and to hold yourself accountable for the outcomes. We encourage colleagues to take pride in their work and to treat every project as if it were their own. By taking ownership, we can ensure that our work is of the highest quality and that we are delivering on our promises.

    To "deliver" means to follow through on your commitments and to deliver results that exceed expectations. We believe that delivering excellence is not only important for our clients and customers but also for our team members. By setting high standards and striving for excellence, we can create a culture of success and continuous improvement, and a workplace culture that is focused on excellence and achievement.

Benefits we offer.

We know all our employees have different needs, goals and lifestyles. That’s why we offer a range of flexible perks to choose from, as well as core benefits for each and every employee. Here are some of the great benefits we offer.


Core benefit. We operate a salary exchange scheme enabling all employees to benefit from tax and NI savings in their monthly contributions (employees can opt out).

Retail discounts.

Core benefit. Provides discounts across a range of retail services including groceries, travel, wellness and more. You’ll receive offers unique to the retailers and that can’t be found anywhere else.

Octopus money coach.

Flexible benefit. Access to one-to-one financial coaching funded by Thredd.

Green car scheme.

Core benefit. Our salary sacrifice scheme helps you purchase a new green car – from high performance to electric and hybrid – without a deposit or down payment.

Annual leave.

Core benefit. UK employees get 25 days off (this will vary by international location), plus an extra day for your birthday. You also get the option to buy five extra days’ holiday.

Volunteer time.

Core benefit. Empowering employees to give back to local communities, initiatives and charitable organisations that matter to them.

Employee assistance programme.

Core benefit. Speak to qualified counsellors, available 24/7, for independent advice on a range of workplace and personal issues.

Better you fund.

Flexible benefit. A fund to help your personal development.

Revitalise you fund.

Flexible benefit. A fund for you to spend on wellbeing items, from a spa day to candles or a weighted blanket.

Private healthcare.

Core benefit. Comprehensive (Medical, Dental, Optical & Hearing) single cover.

Dependants' private healthcare.

Flexible benefit. Upgrade your private medical plan to cover your spouse, dependants or family.

Critical illness cover.

Financial support in the event of a life changing diagnosis or injury.

Everyone’s welcome.

Our employee-led, company-backed resource groups help us create an open and accepting workplace culture that makes us all feel included.

  • Bond - Neurodiversity, disability and mental health.
  • Shine - LQBTIQI+ and allyship.
  • Embrace - Race and related issues.
  • Face - Families, kids and carers.
  • Sage - Support for all ages.
  • WITness - Women in tech.
  • Social and Sport - Engagement activities and events.

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What to expect when interviewing at Thredd.

Step 1.

Submit your application. Check out our latest opportunities here.

Step 2.

Call with Talent Acquisition Team. A chance for you to find out more about life at Thredd and the job. We’ll also find out more about your experience and motivations.

Step 3.

Here you’ll meet your potential new manager and understand more about the role, and discuss your skills and experience.

Step 4.

Values interview. During this stage you’ll meet some of your key stakeholders and they’ll interview you to see if you would fit in well to Thredd based on our values.

Step 5.

Technical test. Not all interviews will have a technical test, but for those that do we’ll look to see how you tackle role-specific tasks.

Step 6.

We'll assess your application and be in touch soon, with either an offer or constructive feedback.

Meet the team.

Hear from some of the team on why they enjoy working at Thredd.

  • “Inspiring leadership of our senior leaders & my direct leader, APAC team’s cohesiveness and camaraderie; enjoy to be in the thick of “action” and able to value-add to our clients!”

    Cecilia Tan

    Regional VP Sales (APAC)
  • “Pace of change: personnel, business and location. The way the firm was steered through Covid. The hybrid working model & I am fond of the falafel-wrap vendor on Bloomsbury Square!”

    John Callanan

    Senior Account Manager
  • “I enjoy the level of independence I get, which allows managing my tasks and effectively in a way that fits me. Also, I engage in problem solving and creative thinking daily.”


    Senior Salesforce Administrator

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