Card processing that works for you.

Managing transactions doesn't need to be time consuming. Our processing options mean you can be as involved as you want, while still getting real-time insights and performance data.

Choose how hands-on you’d like to be and we'll make it easy for you to manage your authorisations directly, or we can look after everything for you. 

The different levels of processing that we offer include gateway, cooperative and full service.

Payments processing in your hands.

Gateway Processing.

We provide online connectivity to Mastercard and Visa, as well as the full range of card management tools while you hold the balance, perform authorisations, and address any stand-in processing requirements.

Cooperative processing.

We provide the same level of scheme connectivity AND authorise transactions against balances managed by Thredd and you in cooperation. In this mode, we also offer authorisation override and stand-in services.

Full-service processing.

Thredd does it all, including scheme connectivity, card balance ledger and transaction authorisation. No stand-in processing is necessary, we handle everything.

The benefits of flexible processing modes.

  • Our payment authorisation modes mean you get to choose whether to take control of each transaction or to let us do the hard work for you. If you manage the authorisations, the benefits include:

    • Full control over the authorisation decisioning
    • Real-time authorisation responses
    • Rapid financial advices for all transactions


  • If you'd like to be less hands-on, Thredd can manage everything from scheme connectivity to transaction authorisation.
    Working with us in this way means:

    • You manage the overall strategy and performance of your programme while Thredd handles the details
    • You establish parameters and Thredd updates the card balance ledger on your behalf without your involvement
    • Thredd performs message verification and validation checks as well as matching and balance adjustments as required, which is less labour intensive/costly

Want to know more?

You can find more details about how we can help you with payments processing in our downloadable payments processing fact sheet.

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