Cloud centred

Multi tenant platform that is constantly evolving.

  • Flexible, Scaleable and resilient microservice based architecture
  • Centrally managed single code base reduces latency and meets global requirements 
  • Zero downtime deployments and continuous updates
  • Automated and manual monitoring 

Dev Ops Enabled.

  • DevOps-focused delivery within each scrum team, so changes are made with production workloads in mind
  • Continuous integration and pull requests using the latest processes, reducing manual work
  • On-demand development and quality engineering environments to support every scenario 
Agile and responsive

Product-focused, expert sprint teams.

  • Expert product teams over continuity and deep subject matter expertise
  • Continuous release train made up of two-week sprints, to maximize efficiency
  • Regular automated deployments to production for rapid delivery of new features
  • Products managed used scaled, agile principles to ensure full visibility and control of end delivery 

Stats that speak for themselves.

  • 99.99%

    System availability

  • 24/7

    Dedicated support

  • 90+


[Thredd] managed to get the issue and load process down to 200 milliseconds – better than double the speed available elsewhere.
Mark Anthony Spiteri SVP, Global Head of Card Business, Nium

Let’s get started. Let’s get started.

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