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We’ll do whatever it takes to reduce the risk of fraud for you and your customers, through a choice of fraud protection services and a vigilant team of experts, on hand day and night.


Right-sized for your business today and tomorrow.

Selecting the right partner is critical for scalability, building customer trust, and mitigating fraud-related losses. We offer configurable, out-of-the-box fraud solutions that are tailored to your unique card programme now, and in the future.

3D Secure.

3DS adds a vital extra layer of security to online transactions, using 2-factor authentication to comply with PSD2 regulations.

Our 3DS solution is seamlessly integrated into each payment, using the authentication method of your choosing, which in turn creates:

  • Increased Customer Trust
  • Enhanced Conversion Rates
  • Reduction in Chargebacks
  • Global Recognition for Scale & Growth

Fraud Transaction Monitoring.

  • Take security to a whole new level with Thredd's Fraud Transaction Monitoring solution.

    Powerful real-time, in-auth fraud detection that's been tried and tested, and is seamlessly integrated into our platform, means your programme will be protected from the start.

    By choosing one of our fraud packages, you and your customers will benefit from:

    • An accelerated Go To Market
    • Consolidated commercials
    • Reduced operational overheads
    • A best-in-class customer experience


  • For businesses with bigger transactional volumes, our Enhanced Fraud Transaction Monitoring solution comes with adaptive, self-learning models to help reduce false positives and, in turn, operational costs.

    We also offer optional Customer Fraud Alerts, which lets cardholders know, in real-time, if a transaction has been blocked and allows them to confirm that the payment is legitimate. 


  • Our Managed Service gives you access to our team of experts, who are dedicated to helping you create a safe and secure card programme.

    Carefully balancing fraud risk with frictionless customer journeys, we work in partnership with you to build a strategy around your KPIs and targets. We'll implement your chosen fraud rules and continuously optimise them, and when there's an industry or regulation change, we’ll bring you a plan of action that's ready to go.

Disputes and Chargebacks.

Managed directly within our Thredd Portal, we provide everything you need to manage disputes and process chargebacks, as well as credit cardholder when needed.


Payment Network Support.

We help you stay on top of new programme mandates, including card configuration, operational flows and reporting, and manage any updates needed relating to our products and services.

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You can find more about the different services we offer in our downloadable Risk and Fraud management factsheet.

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