Card provisioning for any occasion. 

Whatever you want from a payments programme, we’ve got the card for it. You can offer your customers ways to pay that are more flexible than ever, thanks to our cards’ range of adjustable features and customisable rules.

Hand holding a payment card to pay on a chip and pin payment processor
  • Easily configure a credit or debit card, which our manufacturing partners can print with your brand’s own unique design.

  • Launch a range of bespoke virtual card configurations and designs, to be stored in your customers’ digital wallets.

  • We’ll help keep your customers’ payment options open, supporting cards for almost every use case.

Authorisation in your hands.

Our payment authorisation modes give you even more flexibility over your programme. Be as involved as you want to be in your customers’ transactions, while also gaining real-time insights into their spending habits.

  • Make authorisation decisions in real time or set daily limits.
  • Decide whether a customer’s balance sits with us or with you.
  • Choose whether to take control over each transaction or to let us do you hard work for you.

Our approach


Tried and tested partnerships.

We know it’s our partnerships that make us so special. Our close relationships with Visa and Mastercard smooth the path to payments success, helping you create a card programme wherever your customers are.

From lower licensing costs to improved fraud protection and speedy onboarding, our tight-knit networks give you the edge when it comes to card issuing.

Paying it safe.

We’ll do whatever it takes to reduce the risk of fraud. Keep your customers safe and secure, with a choice of fraud protection options and a vigilant team of experts, on hand day and night.

  • Take security to a whole new level with Fraud Advantage, powered by Featurespace. Its powerful machine learning assesses fraud risk within your authorisation flow in real time, offering 24/7 fraud coverage against a variety of fraud types.

    With real-time decision making and adaptive, self-learning rules, Fraud Advantage keeps your customers safer than ever, while enhancing their user experience with fewer false positives and higher approval rates.

  • Guard against fraudulent activity with Thredd Protect. Its seamless integration and faster route to market makes set-up simple, while near-real-time fraud detection helps reduce risk and proactively manage incidents of fraud.

  • We make sure to carefully balance frictionless customer journeys with reducing fraud risk. Fraud Manager from Thredd means you can leverage our team of experts to assess suspicious transactions and respond at speed. Our security measures give you and your customers peace of mind without disrupting their experience.

Wallets, wherever.

Offer the frictionless payment experiences that only mobile wallets can provide.

Easy integration.

With Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay and more.

Create your own.

Launch a bespoke Host Card Emulation (HCE) mobile wallet.

Leverage real-time data.

To deliver in-app notifications for every transaction.

Superfast sign-up.

Immediately add new virtual cards to customers’ mobile wallets.

Sophisticated data encryption.

Security from Mastercard and Visa gives your customers peace of mind.

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