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Navigating regulation

Delivering first-of-its-kind travel money innovation.

By breaking new ground in compliance and regulation.

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Currensea is the UK’s first free travel money card linked directly to bank accounts. The card works by acting as an extension of an individual’s existing bank, allowing them to spend directly from their account, eliminating the need to open a new one.

Thredd helped Currensea revolutionise the established model of travel money products by becoming the UK’s very first CBPII (card-based payment instrument issuer). To achieve its goal, Currensea needed to deliver the first solution that met the European Commission’s vision of debit cards being separated from the underlying payment account.

Together, Currensea and Thredd dedicated over 18 months to both the regulatory framework and direct Open Banking integrations. "Thredd played a crucial role in these partnerships’, explained Lynn. ‘They helped establish the art of the possible and translated that into a viable processing and transactional solution."

In collaboration with Thredd, Currensea has delivered a genuinely ground-breaking programme through direct integration with the Open Banking framework and all major high-street banks.

Consumers can now enjoy lower transaction fees and improved user experience with the game-changing convenience of paying using their trusted debit card and current account.

Neither Mastercard nor Visa have any other issuers with similar propositions to Thredd worldwide.
James Lynn CEO, Currensea

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