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Why making money move seamlessly and securely is essential.

Jim speaks to about the key opportunities for Fintech in 2024.

Press Team

February 07, 2024

Our CEO Jim McCarthy spoke to Karen Webster, CEO of to talk about some of the key opportunities that fintech’s are solving for in 2024.  

With payments sitting at the heart of all commerce but every business approaching the challenges differently, where do we go from here? 

Jim and Karen discuss some key areas of innovation that all payments experts should have on agenda: 

  • Virtual card capabilities with robust fraud and risk management integrated 
  • Modern authentication techniques to improve the security of faster payments 
  • The next generation of digital wallets 

Hear all about this and more over on  

Jim will be catching up with Karen every month to explore these themes in more detail as part of ‘The Upside’ series.

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