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Why we chose our new brand name – Thredd.

Press Team

April 27, 2023

Global Processing Services, a next generation global payments platform, has today rebranded as “Thredd,” to reflect the company’s pivotal role in weaving together the different ‘threads’ of the global payments ecosystem to fuel the growth of electronic payments. We asked Betsy Samuel, Chief Marketing Officer of Thredd, to explain how the name Thredd was chosen.

“We have completely transformed our business model, and we wanted a new name to better reflect our expanding position as a pivotal modern payments processor sitting at the heart of the constantly evolving digital economy.

The rebranding process included extensive collaboration with our customers, partners, and employees worldwide. Our goal was to choose a name which reflected our unique role and reputation as a critical ‘thread’ of the fabric in the ecosystem.

We were told repeatedly that our customer-centric approach is what sets us apart from our competitors.

You are a vital part of the fabric of payments.

Your team is a critical partner for a company launching a new card programme.

You know everyone, you have experience in all market verticals, your platform is the most reliable on the market today, and you can help launch any card program in a matter of weeks.

We take our role as partner very seriously and when our customers told us that we are the “thread” weaving together the players in the ecosystem, our new name was born.

Being that vital thread helping to make the complex simple and enabling our clients to manage payments nimbly is our DNA, so creating an original name that reflects our approach was essential. 

As we expand beyond our home market, our name has to easily convey our differentiated offering and be a true reflection of our client commitment.”

Thredd’s new brand identity is designed to be modern, bold, and memorable, focusing on simplicity, connectivity and true partnership. The company’s new website is live from today, and other communications channels will be updated over the coming weeks.

Thredd’s trusted processing platform will remain the same, delivering a seamless premium customer experience and a commitment to continuous innovation.


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Louisa Bartoszek

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